Unitrans is Approved for Government Contracts

Unitrans has been certified through the CCR (Central Contractor Registration) process for 2 years. 

This prestigous certification is mandatory for applying and being awarded government contracts.  The lengthy process involves:

  • Obtaining a DUNS number (Data Universal Numbering System), 
  • registering for NACIS codes (North American Industry Classification System),
  • Receiving ORCA approval (Online Representations and Certifications Application), and
  • Obtaining an Open Ratings PPE (Past Performance Score).

We have registered the following 14 NAICS codes to depict our 3 pronged business services that include water/air/road transport and warehousing: 481112, 481212, 483111, 484110, 484121, 484122, 484220, 484230, 488510, 488991, 492110, 492210, 493110, 493190.

Our overall performance rating scored a 92.