Going Green in the Supply Chain!

With going green at the forefront of everyone’s mind, “green logistics” of lowering the carbon footprint is equally a priority for supply chain executives! 

Both an increase in global environmental awareness and greater regulatory and governmental pressures has combined to leverage companies into reducing their carbon footprints.  In Europe, “green legislation” is becoming a reality and eventually will in other countries.

One of the biggest carbon footprints is created through the supply chain and logistics operations in its production, storage, and transportation of goods. 

Therefore executives are rightly being forced to examine their approaches and respond accordingly.  Additionally, long-term competitive strategy is a primary concern and going green has become a crucial consideration towards achieving their goal of creating and advertising environmentally friendly supply chains.

There are three main challenges for the industry to overcome if green logistics is to become a reality.

  1. Lack of appropriate technology in place to support companies in their effort
  2. Lack of business processes needed to capture the data and use it effectively
  3. The trade-off between green requirements and lean practices lending to smaller shipments rather than bundling.  

The supply chain going green is an industry issue that is only going to increase in stature. 

We at Unitrans are committed to going green.  Among many simple considerations we make are: reducing truck idling to save fuel and transmissions, recycling the use of packaging materials and shipping paper and metal products to a recycling company, and turning off lights in areas of the company that are not currently in use.